A Study in Quack

siq0.jpgThe afternoon was mild with a bit of sun and one of those days you just want to get out into. I took my camera with me to see.....
Posted: 04/05/2014-19:36  Comments (0)

UK Trails were a bad idea

nmt.jpgWhen I first began this blog, it was to see what is inside dots on the map. The posting of trails or footpaths in the UK does not fall.....
Posted: 04/02/2014-14:29  Comments (0)

Short Buckinghamshire Wander

wgm1.jpgThis is one of those, I just feel like it things. Walk from Great Missenden to Wendover, Buckinghamshire. There are times you start something out and on the way.....
Posted: 03/21/2014-21:20  Comments (1)
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